Tutorial:Customize the “Open” dialog box

by on October 29, 2007
in Computers, Tips and Tricks

This is a guest post by Siddharth

Hello friends,
Do you ever want to customize the “Open Dialog Box” of Windows XP ? Do you want to change its look and feel ? Do you find the navigation shortcuts useless. So here is a tutorial which will help you to customize the “Open Dialog Box” :cool:


In this tutorial I will basically tell how to customize the “Open Dialog Box’s” side icons through registry.You will also be provided basic information on how to change its other things also. :wink:
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Exams Break

by on October 16, 2007
in Personal


Hi readers and visitors,

This is to inform you that I won’t be blogging from today till November 20th due to my upcoming exams. My exams will start on Nov. 5th and end on 20th. But I also need some time for preparing before the exams so I won’t be blogging until my exams get over. When I’ll get back, I’ll have loads to share with you guys :D .

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Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

by on October 14, 2007
in Blogging, WordPress


It’s a dream of every blogger to get listed in the top 10 search results of big grand search engine daddies like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. And even you know that it’s quite a tough job. The reason why you want to get to the top is that getting higher rankings in search engines means more traffic and more traffic leads to more revenue.

WordPress is the best blogging platform available on the Internet. And to get most out of it, many plugins have been developed. There are plugins for almost everything you need in WordPress. Similarly, there are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins to help you improve your ranking in search engines.

There are countless blogs with articles listing the best SEO plugins for WordPress. Just Google the keywords “Best SEO Plugins” and see the number of results you get. And today, I’m also going to add one more article in those results :D I guarantee you that with the help of the plugins I’m about to share, you will be listed in the top search engine ranking within 2-3 weeks.

Apart from the list below, if you would like to see the small, old list of SEO plugins I have, then head here.

1. SEO Title Tag

With this plugin, you can create search engine optimized titles for your blog posts and pages. Download from here.

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How To Unblock Contacts In Google Talk

by on October 11, 2007
in Google, Internet, Tips and Tricks


This topic would sound absurd, but it really isn’t, so keep on reading :) Have you ever blocked a contact in Google Talk? Well, recently a friend of mine was annoying me a lot. I even warned him not to disturb, but he kept on bugging me, so in the end the only choice I had was to block him. After block, I worked in peace but the next day I felt sorry for what I have done and wanted to unblock him back. But to my surprise, there was no way I can unblock him from Google Talk itself.

I know, this is very weird, but when I blocked him, Google Talk blocked and deleted him from my list. In the end, I did found how to get the contact unblocked back. In thsi post, I’ll tell you how to unblock contacts.

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The Big Firefox Logo

by on October 8, 2007
in Design, Firefox, Internet, Pictures

I was just roaming around on different bulleting boards, and luckily stumbled across a post containing this huge Firefox logo.

Dimension: 1000 x 962 :D

Click the thumbnail below for the full wallpaper-sized logo.


Enjoy folks! :D

UPDATE: My friend, Shane from Hackosis, has shared a bigger Firefox logo than mine. It’s resolution is 1939×1836. Check it out here.

Windows Blinds 6 Released

by on October 6, 2007
in Softwares, Technology


Windows Blinds is another very popular utility that allows you to change the look and feel of your Windows desktop. You can apply custom themes and styles without much hassle. It’s really easy-to-use and best of all, it doesn’t kill much of the system resources. Recently, it released it’s sixth version called Window Blinds 6.

Window Blinds 6

Wit this latest version, you can customize every aspect of Windows. Start bar, title bars, buttons, and give it a unique look of its own. In fact, you can even customize your Windows looks like another operating system :) .

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Trick To Run Internet Explorer In Kiosk Mode

by on October 4, 2007
in Internet, Tips and Tricks

Internet Explorer 7 logo

A friend of mine wanted to run Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode. So this post goes for him :)

First, you should know, what exactly is Kiosk mode. In Kiosk mode, it’s only you and the website you are browsing. No toolbars (top or bottom), no taskbar, no buttons, no windows, nothing!

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September 07 Roundup

by on October 2, 2007
in Blogging

September is over, and October has arrived. Now, I’m going to do my second roundup post for my readers. :) This month has been a very successful month for the traffic, but my revenue earnings have dropped a little. Read more to know about the best posts, blog traffic, feed count and revenue earned this month.

Blog Posts:

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