How To Add Emoticons/Smilies In Gmail

by on September 29, 2007
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Who doesn’t know about Gmail? Everyone knows about it! That’s because it is the best webmail. It has loads of features. Almost everything, but recently I found out that it does lack of one thing. And that is emoticons. Yes, Gmail doesn’t have emoticons to be used while composing mails.

But no worries readers. I have found a Greasemonkey script that allows you to use emoticons in your mails. It’s been a while since I last posted about a nice Greasemoneky script. So, here I’m with a very cool script that I’m sure all Gmail users would love to use.


1. Mozilla Firefox (Download here)
2. Greasemonkey add-on (What is Greasemonkey? – Download here)

Where To Get It?

Now all you have to do is download this Gmail Emoticons Script. Make sure Greasemonkey is installed and enabled before downloading the script. Then restart your Firefox to complete the installation. After restarting, open your Gmail compose mail and see the Emoticons option.

How To Use It

To use these emoticons, while composing a mail, click the Emoticons button beside the Check Spelling link. A pop-up window will open with the emoticons. To use them, drag and drop the emoticon in the composing pane. Remember, don’t drop them at any other place except the composing pane, or it will mess everything. I hope you get it! :)


gmail emoticons


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  • Keshav Khera

    the trick is cool, but i use live mail with pop access and it has very cool emticons :smile:

  • @Keshav: Hmm.. I didn’t noticed the emoticons in Live mail. Will check it now. Thanks for letting me know.

  • ram

    Wow this is a nice add-on, i use gmail alot, thanx for the heads up

  • Wow, thanks Haris! I love the script, installing right away!


  • @ram: You are welcome, ram :)

    @Shankar: Thanks a lot for the stumble!

  • great post…also tell me if these can be used in google chat also becoz i miss smileys in gtalk very much..

    worth a stumble :wink:

  • @Shashank: Nah, they can’t be used in Gtalk. :( And thanks a lot for the stumble.

  • Nice post Haris .

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  • Lil_big_mama

    :mrgreen: I was so jealous, but now I am Happy!!! :grin: I can now use my smiles in gmail. Thank you for the post and RSS feeds…

  • @Lil_big_mama: LOL, you’re welcome :)

  • Hmm….I wrote a similar post at in August….and our titles are the same.

    But hey, nobody can copyright ideas ;)

  • @Sumesh: Same titles! LOL! I read many posts of yours, but never came across this one.

  • BOB
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  • Thanx, very useful

  • Find firand_ chat_ send email and . . . . .

  • Katie

    I really wanna do it but i dont have firefox and do not know how 2 install it.

    :?: 2 do?????

  • Katie

    I really wanna do it but i dont have firefox and do not know how 2 install it.

    :?: 2 do?????

  • minou

    ik praat nederlands :razz: :oops: vet die smilies

    groetjes minou :???: :cool: :twisted: :neutral: :arrow: :shock: :?: :!: :sad: :mad: :lol: :eek: :cry: :wink: :roll: :razz: :oops: :idea: :grin: :evil: :cool: :???: :smile: :shock: :arrow: :twisted: :neutral: :mrgreen:

  • Nice!

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  • nygirlz

    is this all free?

  • Skip Royeton

    I recently signed up for Gmail and have found that it sucks big time. If Google really cared they would address all of the problems Gmail has. Google may be a good search engine, but they have a looooong way to go before they are a half way decent mail site.

  • anonymous

    Hi! This looks good, but I thought I’d share: if you find any image on the internet (including images of free smilies) you can copy/paste or drag them into your gmail message. Any image from the internet can be dragged. Thought this might help!

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  • No italian?che peccato!Siete English?

  • jeni

    how do i use des emoticons in orkut??