A Look At The Toothpick City (21 pictures)

by on September 25, 2007
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Check out these amazing pictures of this miniature city made using two million of toothpicks. The city boasts some of the best replica structures from around the world. Nothing more to say, the 21 images below speaks for themselves :)

Click the image for the full-size view.




























So, anyone planning to move to the toothpick city, eh? :)

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  • Nice post
    love it :?)
    By the way , wp 2.3 has released u might consider upgrading :-)

  • @Siddharth: Nah, I’ll wait for a week or two. Experiment with it no my local server, then upgrade Sizzled Core to 2.3

  • Hilarious! :shock:

    Share more of these kinda funny stuff with us :D

  • Justin

    That’s crazy.

    I’m curious to know about the inside though. Wonder if he just made the base and then glued them on or if they’re hollow.

    I’d do that with legos, but never toothpicks.

    Wonder how much they spent on all those.

  • lol amazing yet very creative :D

    I wonder how they build that. Really cool and wonderful stuff that is.

  • @Shankar: I definitely post such stuff if I find anymore :)

    @Justin: LOL, yeah. I don’t know the cost, but I only know that he used 2 million toothpicks.

  • Dang that is amazing! Some people are way too talented. That should be illegal. I’m not jealous! :mrgreen:

  • Really amazing work. I had got this as a fwd some time back!

  • I also got these in a forwarded email :P

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