How To Draw Mona Lisa With MS Paint

by on September 23, 2007
in Humour, Tips and Tricks, Windows

Don’t believe the title? Well, even I didn’t. Leonardo Da Vinci took 10 years to complete the painting. But this guy did it in just 2 hours and 30 minutes. Too hard to believe, right? Watch the video below:

I was completely speechless in the end! What do you think about this?

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  • Hamza

    Cool! :smile:

  • :evil:
    Looks like some automated program :oops:

  • @Siddharth: LOL, no it is not.

  • Wow! Never knew MS paint has this many features. :lol:

  • truly amazing

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  • Its completely amazing and I’m also speechless. Thx for sharing this with us

  • @HASSAN: Cool, you are welcome :)

  • Wow! Cool :razz:

  • desiree

    wow..i am very my TAG group at school..we are drawing our own version of the mona lisa. this is very awesome and..this person who did it is veryy talented!!

  • Hehehe yes :P

  • lx.gamer

    Liked your site. … Thanks for sharing Such stuff mate.

  • @lx.gamer: I’m glad you liked it :) Just subscribe to the feed and catch all the latest news first!

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  • noneofyourbuissness

    dude,thats dumb….i hate mona lisa u r a idiot…….phhhh