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by on September 22, 2007
in Internet, Web 2.0

Recently, I gave out Yahoo! Mash invitations (they are still on :P ) and this time I’m back with something new. This time it’s Wallop! Wallop is another Internet web 2.0 social network service by Microsoft Research. Launched somewhere back in September 2006, it is still unknown to most of the Internet population. Even I didn’t know about it, a friend invited me few days ago. :P So I’m again giving out invitations, but sadly, this time it’s a limited stock :( .


Wallop Profile

(Click the image for a larger view)

Wallop, unlike other social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, Orkut etc.) is completely based on Flash. There are some cool features that you won’t find anywhere else. Users get their on homepage (If you are already a member, check out mine here), unlimited storage space for your pictures, music (yes, you can also upload music for your friends to listen), blog and conversations (a very impressive chat feature).

Grab the invitation now!

Invitations left: 6

Currently, I only have 8 invitations to share with you guys. Sadly, this time it’s a limited stock, and everyone won’t get a chance to try it out. The first 8 people to request below will be invited to try this new web 2.0 social network, Wallop. I’ll try my best to get you more invitations. The procedure is the same, just drop in a comment below with your name and email address. I’ll send you an invitation as soon as possible.

Just a request folks, all those people who get invited by me, should try inviting more people from this blog. I mean, invite people who have requested below and are still left out.

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Thanks for reading,

Have a nice day! :)

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  • lana need to post an email of urs to send an invite :P

  • Lana

    oh sorry =] haha silly me XD
    my email is namai16@yahoo.com

  • @Shahrukh: Sent! :)

    @Lana: I got your email address in the first comment :) We don’t publish it here to prevent you from tons of spam messages. Invitation sent!

  • Lana

    haha oh ok =]
    umm i have a question =] can anyone send me an invite for yahoo mash.
    it seem super cool.
    thank you so much for the invite haris!

  • @Lana: Your Yahoo! Mash invitation is on its way! :D


  • Lana

    thanks haris =]
    you’re awsome XD oh come by my 360 blog and keep in touch.
    we’ll keep in touch on mash once i know how to use it haha

  • @Lana: Sure, will check it out! Actually, I don’t use 360 (but I do have an account there lol). When it comes to social networking, Facebook and Orkut rocks! Anyways, thanks a lot for dropping by my blog :)

  • vlo

    can i have an invite please , i’d really like it ,
    thank you so much
    My email is :vrskyworld@gmail.com

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  • Andre Chua

    HI there greetings from singapore

    care for an invitation from mash and wallop ? thx a lot dude


  • hey can i have a wallop invite
    waiting for it

  • Sent to all :)


  • Madeen

    plz send me an invitation at madeen_kalia@yahoo.com

  • Melissa

    Wow , another one I would like an invite to if at all possible.

    Thank you . =]

  • Can you please send me one? Thanks. :smile:

  • Sent to all!

  • Sandeep

    Hey! am i too late? :mrgreen: Send me an invite at getmyid@gmail.com

  • pandol

    please send wallop invitation to me


  • Jesse

    Please send me a wallop invitation. Thanks!