Bush Has Something Hidden In Notepad

by on September 14, 2007
in Humour, Microsoft, Tips and Tricks, Windows

Well, I recently stumbled across a very weird code for Notepad. LOL, it seems Bush has hidden something in the Notepad. Now it’s up to us find what it is :)

1. Open your Notepad

2. Type “Bush hid the facts” (without the quotes)

3. Save and close the window.

4. Open the file again and see.

Got anything? Well I got boxes instead of the words I just saved. What did you got? Will someone explain me what does this suppose to mean?

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  • I too got this mail for notepad thing. Didnt understand what it meant. :sad:

  • I’ve heard, notepad tries to determine encoding, but due to some bug, it doesn’t do it correctly when opening. So, try to open file with some other application, like viewer in TotalCmd. You’ll find out, that Bush really hid the facts )

  • Strange :neutral:

  • weird lol :???:

  • weird. hahaha. somebody must hate him very much there. :D

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  • Even I see boxes
    lot of boxed ,lot of boxes lot of boxes all around.

  • Lots of boxes! :???:

    I only got 4-6 boxes, lol.

  • When I tried it in Notepad2, I got some Chinese characters, but in Notepad it opened-up perfectly

  • @Thilak: I got boxes. Maybe that’s because I don’t have Chinese language installed.

  • @Haris: Which is your text editor?

  • @Thilak: Simple Notepad in XP.

  • I got boxes… weird… :???:

  • its only a bug in notepad. just try any sentence with

    First word= 4 letters
    2nd word & 3rd word = 3 letters
    4th word = 5 letters

    now save it and re open it and u will find the same result

  • @HASSAN: Great discovery! :) Thanks for sharing this trick here.

  • @Haris

    Thank you

  • weird got 5-6 boxes
    any1 yet figured it out what it means :D

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