Yahoo Messenger for MAC 3.0 Beta 2 Realeased

by on September 13, 2007
in Internet, Yahoo

Recently, Yahoo! released the beta 2 version of Yahoo! Messenger for MAC 3.0. I have never used MAC before, and since I recently, stumbled across a few screenshots, I’m dying to try it out.


  • Automatic updates
  • Conference sessions
  • IM indicator in the OS X doc
  • Tabbed chat sessions
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Stealth settings

One feature, that I, and many other Yahoo! Messenger fans wanted to see added was the voice chat feature. maybe they’ll add later sometime. Accroding to them, they rae still worknig on that feature. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait :) . This version of Yahoo! Messenger only works on Mac OSX 10.4 or later. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try now! Download here.

If you haven’t yet tried the web-based version of Yahoo! Messenger, then give it a go here.

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  • It looks uber cool.

  • I’m a messenger fan! thanks for sharing :)

  • MSN messsenger i meant lol

  • Looks pretty much like Yahoo Messenger for Vista (which is yet to be rolled-out)

  • @Thilak: LOL, yeah. A kind of.

  • @Haris: It’s been nearly a year since Vista was released and I wonder what’s taking so long for Yahoo to develop the exclusive Vista Messenger?

    Why did they announce it in the first place? Bad! really bad PR for a company like Yahoo!

  • @Thilak: Maybe they are having some problems with the new features they said to add in the Vista version. We can only wait and see what comes out :)