FeedBurner Glitch: Showing 0 Readers

by on September 9, 2007
in Internet

I opened FeedBurner today to check the number of my RSS subscribers today, and to my surprise, I saw that I had 0 (zero) readers today. I even tried checking in the morning ( the time when they update the feed count daily), but it wasn’t updated. I thought the update has been delayed as it is Sunday today. When it did got updated, it shows zero readers. It is showing 0 readers for all the blogs I own.

My FeedBurner stats:

My average feed subscribers are 79, so I’m pretty sure that this is caused by some problem at FeedBurner’s end. This is the first time I have experienced such weird problem with FeedBurner.

I just want to make sure that is this just me, or is it happening with everyone else too. Let me know below.

Update: It’s fixed! :) Yesterday, when FeedBurner stopped working, that day I had the most readers I have ever had (115) :D . See the image below, it’s all fixed now.

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  • This problem was there previously also, I think they will correct it soon.

  • weird ive never seen this before. Im glad you fixed it :smile:

  • That’s pretty weird :shock:

    Did you mail FeedBurner? or they fixed it by themselves?

  • I’ve seen this before.. but it starts showing the right count very soon.

    Sometimes, FB site goes down, and if your FB dashboard is loading at that time, this happens.

    That’s what I’ve assumed :D Nothing to worry much about :)

  • @Nirmal: Oh. This was the first time I had this problem.

    @Shaun: LOL, Shaun, I didn’t fixed it :P . It got fixed by itself.

    @Utsay: Nope, I thought I’ll wait for a day and see. If it didn’t got fixed, I’ll mail them. But it got fixed the next day.

    @Shankar: Yeah, it did. It showed the right count the next day.