iPod Touch – The new addition in iPod family

by on September 8, 2007
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Recently, at the Apple’s 5th Apple event, they revealed some new features in their products, price-cuts and some iPhone announcements. But the major announcement for the day was the new product line of their iPod series. The latest addition in the iPod family is called iPod Touch.

iPod Touch


What comes first tin your mind when you see the image above? iPhone, right? But no, this is not the iPhone. It is the new product in the iPod product family :) . It has the same screen size as the iPhone, but it is thinner at around 8mm. It has 3.5 inch wide-screen display with the “slide to unlock” feature. The best feature I liked is the built-in “WiFi” through which, you can browse the web, buy music with iTunes and watch videos on YouTube (a built-in application in iPod Touch). The battery lasts quite long as compared to other iPods. Battery will last 22 hrs. for audio playback and 5 hrs. for video playback. As for the prices are concerned, 8GB version comes for $299 and the 16GB for $399. It’s expected to release on Tuesday next week. So we’ll have to wait and see what pans out :) .

The rest of the family members include:

iPod Classic

This was formerly know as iPod Video. This is also coming out somewhere next week. Comes in two flavors, 80GB and a whopping 160GB.

iPod Nano

They now also support video playback. it has 2-inch QVGA, 320 x 240 display screen and the screen is 65% brighter then the previous versions. Comes in two flavors, 4GB ($149) and 8GB ($199) versions. These are also hitting the stores next weekend.

iPod Shuffle

Still the same, nothing new. 1GB comes for $79.

How’s the new family? :D I’m planning to buy the new iPod Nano when it comes out. The new one is really cute and cool :) .

So what are your views? Is this generation any better than the previous ones? Do let me know below.

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  • iPod nano is the cutest addition in the family. the new iPod touch is not all that good, looks like iPhone but the new series on iPods is much better inlooks, then the eariler.
    Even i am planning to buy an iPod nano, thats why i have posted about iPod nano only. :)

  • Great additions but i think i will stick with my ipod shuffle

  • I guess iPod Touch is gonna bring a lot of money to apple :evil:

  • I don’t think so. I still think iPod Classic is the best. For some reason, I don’t like iPod Touch. Maybe because it’s too big in size or just that I don’t like the design.