Limited Edition Ceramic White PlayStation 2

by on September 4, 2007
in Gaming, Technology

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has recently announced about the new look for the old PlayStation. It will be bundled with their karaoke title, SingStar Pop. The color looks really sexy and it’s one of my favorite colors :D .

The consoles features the same old ultra-sleek body and everything is same as it was in the Charcoal Black and Satin Silver PlayStation 2s. Major additions in this edition are:

  • SingStar and Pop (high quality USB microphones)
  • CD Playback capabilities
  • DTS (Digital Surround Sound)
  • Ethernet port for network gaming

Jack Tretton, president and CEO of SCE, said:

With our expansive library of titles for PlayStation, led by social gaming experiences such as SingStar, and Buzz!, we have an incredible offering for first-time gaming families.

This version of PS2 will hit the North American markets by November 2007 at the price of US$149.99.

Liked this edition of PS2? Do let me know your views about this below.

Source: [Destructoid]

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  • This PS is not looking good in White, it gives a more killing looks in Black. Better get a new version in black :smile:

  • My choice is also black . And the price has considerably reduced since the launch of PS3

  • How about a glossy black color? :smile: That would be really cool!

  • sweet ass! lol i want one of those :mrgreen:

  • I too love black! The white would be prone to getting dirty in my place!

  • LOL, yeah. White gets dirty earlier than other colors.