August 07 Roundup

by on September 2, 2007
in Blogging

From this month onwards, I’ll also post my blog statistics every month and so that everyone can know about the ups and downs of my blog. I’ll be posting the best posts of the month, traffic statistics and my total earnings. I might include other things in my next round-up post.

Blog Posts:

Blog Traffic:

Unique Visitors: 32,516
Pageviews: 64,868
Pages/Visits: 1.99


Google Adsense: $97.65
Kontera: $19.22

That makes a total of $116.87.

My feed readers increased from 44 to 90-104 :) The maximum readers I had this month were 104. So c’mon everyone, subscribe now and help me incresase my feed reader count :twisted:

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