Trick To Multiple Login In Yahoo Messenger

by on September 1, 2007
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Are you one of those who like to manage and have more than one email address for their IMs. Well, if you are then, this topic is going to help all the Yahoo! Messenger addicts who like to manage more than one account at a time in Yahoo! Messenger.

This trick will enable you to use more than one account in Yahoo! Messenger. It’s really very simple to do. A small registry hack is needed to do it.

Remember: Back up your registry before making any changes to it.

Now we’ll move on to the main trick.

Make sure your Yahoo! Messenger is not running. If it is, then close it.

Now, open your Registry Editor (Run > type regedit) and navigate to:


There, in the right-pane, right-click anywhere and select New > DWORD Value. Name the entry as “Plural” (of course, without the quotes). Double-click the newly made entry (Plural), and assign it a value 1.

That’s it! Your Yahoo! Messenger has successfully been turned into Multi-Yahoo! Messenger.

Alternate Method

If you don’t want to mess up with the registry yourself, then I have exported the registry entry for you. Simply, download this registry file and excute it. Your Yahoo! Messenger will now be patched to work with as many accounts you want.

Now, you can open as many accounts as you want in one time. All you have to do is open messenger again from the same place you started it before. For instance, if you’ve opened your Yahoo Messenger from a shortcut on your desktop, then execute the shortcut again form the desktop. Do now start from soemwhere else.

I hope you got my point, and would enjoy the trick as much as I’m enjoying it.

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  • Nice trick. Let Me try :)


  • Nice tip, I’ll try it. Nowadays I’m using Gtalk more than Y msger as my blogging friends are using GTalk. :smile:

  • @Nirmal: Even I don’t use Yahoo Messenger. :smile: I only use GTalk and Windows Live Messenger.

  • Nice Trick Haris , will try it soon ! :smile:

  • @Vikram: I’m glad you liked it :wink:

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  • Mahesh

    Itz working…Thank you very much…

  • You are most welcome :)

  • BITmaster

    nice trick, it really works!!! :grin:

  • Dave

    ANyone know how to do the same hack on a mac?


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  • Annie

    I did both ways and still cannot get dual IM’s to work am very frustrated. Use to have it on my old computer and really need it on this one.