How to restore Recycle Bin after deleting

by on August 28, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, Windows XP

Remember the post I did, on how you can remove the recycle bin permanently. LOL, a non-geekish friend of mine tried that, and successfully removed his recycle bin from his desktop. But now, he wants it back. I even told him how to do it, but still he asked for a tutorial. So this tutorial is dedicated to my friend, Fouzan :cool:

It’s very simple! You just have to reverse the old trick :wink:

Remember: Backup your registry first!

First, open your Registry Editor (Run > type regedit) and navigate to:


Now, do you remember what you did to remove the recycle bin? Well, you deleted the following entry:


But to restore it back, you will have to create this back. After navigating to the above path, right-click on NameSpace, click “New” and then click “Key”.

Name the key: {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}

Now close the Registry Editor and you’ll see your Recycle Bin back in its place. :wink:

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  • Hehe I’ve tried the deleting trick once but didn’t know how to bring it back :D this will help thanks!

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  • hahaha I remember you telling me someone deleted their recycle bin and they couldn’t get it working again. I didn’t expect you to post about it. Great post stumbled it :grin:

  • Annoyed

    Oh, for f*ck’s sake…

    Just hide the damned thing with TweakUI:

    Stop trying to swat a fly with a stick of dynamite.

  • lalisse

    thanks!it helped a lot

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  • Mantas

    I’ve tried this, but my Recycle Bin still does not work. I mean, there is no Recycle Bin icon on desktop, and if I delete a file, it is not moved to Recycle Bin. When I browse to C:\Recycler, I can see file Desktop.ini and folder with name like “S-(some numbers)”. If I open this folder properties, I see there option for Recycle Bin, but whatever I set there, my Recycle Bin does not work, and all files or folder that I delete (without “SHIFT”) are not moved to Recycle Bin. So are there anything else, that I could try to restore my Recycle Bin functionality. Besides I already tried Kerrie registry scripts for Recycle Bin restoration.

  • I had accadently deleted my recycle bin it’s empty.. i want it back on my desktop screen.. so can you write it down on how to restore it back it would help me alot.


  • @Krissy: Did you try the trick given above?

  • susie

    yeah this didn’t work for me either it’s still gone.

  • ray ray

    sum1 help me ive deleted the recycle bin off the registry and didnt make a back up wat can i do now what should i do pleeeez help and also were are all the deleted files going to…

  • @ray ray: Your deleted files are still going in the Recycle Bin. As for how to get it back, at this moment I’m not sure how to do it.

  • Matt

    It’s a shame that this tutorial doesn’t help me at all…

  • Ash.

    Yea, this doesnt seem to really help out much….tried it, nope, nothing.

  • Azam

    Thx man it works really thx
    am really happy brother Thx

  • Dart

    it says (value not set)

  • Dart

    pls help me to get it back
    i really wanna know how to do this