Delete your Inbox messages rapidly in Orkut

by on August 27, 2007
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As Orkut is being upgraded, all of code changes have also occured in it. Many of the old scripts don’t work now, such as scrapbook flooder, testimonial flooder, deleting community topics etc.

And the number of spam messages you get in your Orkut inbox is also increasing rapidly. People send you community invitations, and all land in your Orkut inbox. I was quite surprised to see my inbox. It said 2,295 unread messages.

Deleting all one by one would take a lot of time. Recently, I found a very cool Greasemonkey script to speed up the deletion process.


Like always, this Greasemoneky also has the same requirements like all the others:

  1. Download and install Firefox
  2. Download and install Greasemonkey

Well, it’s called Orkut Message Deleter. A very nice and easy-to-use script… Actually, there is nothing to do in this script. It does everything itself :D . All you have to do is download this script, and install it with your Greasemonkey. Make sure this script and your Greasemonkey are enabled. Now, open your inbox in Orkut, and sit back, relax and watch. :)

The script will do everything itself. As soon as you will open your inbox, the script will start working. It will check all the messages displayed on the page, check and delete them :twisted: .

This won’t take more than a minute or two, but if you have a slow connection then it could take more.

P.S. Make sure you don’t have any important message in your inbox. To stop this refresh, just refresh your inbox or click on any other link on the page.

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  • Thats a cool tip buddy . I wasted a lot of time one this deleting messages one by one .

  • :mrgreen: No worries now :)

  • LOL hehe great tip. I too have wasted some minutes to do this task :D Thanks for sharing.

  • pimchu

    awesome……..way to go buddy.

  • Well I don’t want to wait for a single second to use the script and also thank you.

  • wasimlhr


  • Thanks a lot, saved me lot of time….

    Deleting all the messages was really pain ful.

  • :neutral: thanks dear!!!!

  • Dilip

    I dont know how to use it or it is not deleting the messages help me guys

  • rajat

    its not working…is there something else i’m not doing

  • lacrymosa

    Ah – It worked.. Thanks (:

  • aakash

    thanx bro……it worked :-)