Windows Live Mail upgraded to 5GB space and more

by on August 15, 2007
in Internet

Finally, after a long time, Windows Live Mail has upgraded their features and that too for the free users as well.

The major upgrade is the Inbox size of the free and paid users. Yes, it’s true that they have upgraded the usual 4GB space to 5GB now. And the paid users get 10GB space.

This is not all, they have also tweaked a few parts that were slow and there’s also been an increase on the amount of time messages are left in the spam and deleted items folders. Duplicate contact entries can now be merged into one. As soon as you will be adding a duplicate contact entry, it will notify you that there’s already an entry made with that name. Some improvements have been made in the spam-fighting technology, and some upgrades are still to come. They are still on their way and will be aplied soon. Such as, auto-away message will be added (would be useful when you are on a holiday) and account forwarding option will also be avaialable soon to everyone. This way you will be able to forward your account email to Gmail or Yahoo.

The upgrades look good for the Hotmail users, but for users like me who use Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or something else don’t have any advantage of these upgrades.

One upgrade I would like to see in Gmail is the initial-startup loading time, while loading our Inbox. That’s quite slow and an upgrade (including an inbox-size upgrade) would make Gmail a lot better.

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  • This is a much needed move, let me check out the new features.

  • Yeah, I read that in a couple of blogs and I think that it’s good to see Microsoft taking such good steps, but why no ones has taken the step which yahoo took???

  • With space becoming so cheap, everyone is giving is space in GB’s. But I think space is not the only factor which decides a user to choose email service, other features also count.

  • good, space is a huge contributing factor when it comes to picking a good free e-mail system. Thanks for the update.

  • Is 4GB available for free users? I’m still having 2GB.