How To View Gmail Messages with Feed Aggregator

by on August 13, 2007
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Hello :) This is Dj Flush all over from Sizlopedia. Today I have something interesting to share with you on behalf of Haris as he is busy with his exams. Don’t forget to check my blog for more tips, technology news, gadgets, software, blogging and wordpress tricks ;)

Of course everyone of us is a Gmail fan as it gives us the flexible features which other email clients don’t. Gmail differs from other email clients like Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Mail in the sense that is very much easy to use, it is very much fast and it has a syndication feed (Oh Yes! you heard me right there). This is a feature of Gmail that other popular email clients don’t have and most of us are aware of it but don’t know how to use it and thats where I come to the rescue :D

The syndication feed of Gmail messages can be used to read your newest emails in your Gmail account inbox from outside your Gmail account or should I say using a third party Feed reader application. Follow these simple little steps to configure your Feed reader to fetch your latest email from your Gmail account inbox.

  1. Open your Feed aggregator/reader software
  2. Select the option “Subscribe/Add Feed” and enter the following URL in the field
  3. Authenticate yourself using your Gmail username and password

Woah! Thats it :D now your Feed reader will fetch email updates from your Google account automatically and you don’t need to sign in again and again to your Gmail account through your browser to read your mail.

Keep in mind: Some feed readers make a feed “Public” by default so make sure you make this feed “Private” so that no one except you can read your mails :) Have fun

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