Free Domains: Top-Level Domains (Part Two)

by on August 6, 2007
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So hello, folks once again :) . Remember the first part of this post, well, I did told you that I’m soon going to do a second part which will have links to sites that offer free top-level-domains. And here it is! :)

Now remember, it wouldn’t be totally free. I mean, you just won’t have to pay anything. But you will have to complete offers (the free ones), do forum posts etc.

So the list goes on like this:

Domain Discussion Board

A very nice friendly community. You can get answers to most of your domain-related queries. And best of all, just for posting on the forums, playing games etc. you can redeem the earned points for free domains. You can get a .com, .net, .org or .name for 3,000 ddPoints. You can see a full list of this here and even all the forum rules and other stuff can be found there.


This is another cool community that offers free domains for posting on the forums. The free domain registration was shut down for a few days, but now they are back. They require 200 points for a free domain. Sign-up o*bgcan the forums and start posting.

Domain Lagoon

Domain Lagoon is only for people living in USA and Canada. They also offer free domains and like others, they also have a few requirements. First requirement is that, you have to be a USA resident. And the second is that you have to complete some offers of their sponsors in order to get the domain, and with each offer (usually surveys) completed, you will be given points. For 1 year domain registration you need 6.29 points. And for 2 year domain registration you need 15.00 points.

Now there’s another one, but it’s just the same as Domain Lagoon. It’s the same owner owning both of them. Actually this ‘Lagoon’ network is quite very big. Once I went to their support forums and found about 15 such sites that offer one thing and another for free. So, as I was telling you about the other site, it is I have read a lot about Domain Lagoon and Another Free, and people are happy using free domains through them.

I hope you have enjoyed this post a lot and would love to share it with others through the social bookmarking buttons. If you know any other site that offer free top-level-domains, then post the link in the comments below.

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  • Hey good ideas for free domain! Seems we can get a domain and every thing for free. There are also few hostings like frihost which will give you free hosting if you are active in the forum and there are few others which give you free hosting without doing anything. What we have to notice here is that they also don’t place ads in our blog. Cool right? Why not blog about all the hosting services as one part in this series?

  • I think you are missing something buddy :)

  • Deadmanpie

    Haris, those are webhosts, they don’t all provide a TLD, just a subdomain to their site. This list of free top-level domains.

  • They are not web-hosts. The sites given above all provide free top-level domains for some posts.

  • Cindy

    They don’t mean the one in the post, Haris, they mean the link you gave. The link you gave are web posts.