How to delete an undeleteable files

by on August 5, 2007
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At times, you must have come across such situations where a file doesn’t get deleted, no matter what you do. So, the following instructions will help you get out of such situations.

Here in this tutorial, I’ll use test.avi, which doesn’t get deleted. Now open Command Prompt and leave it open there. Close all the other programs (if any opened). Open Task Manager and end the process Explorer.exe. DON’T close the Task Manager, leave it open and now go back to Command Prompt. Change the directory to where test.avi is saved (I hope you know Command Prompt, anyway, use the CD command).

After changing the directory, type DEL <filename>, where <filename> will be test.avi (in this case). So the command becomes DEL test.avi. After typing just press Enter and the file will be deleted. :) Simple, isn’t it?

Oh, yeah I forgot, I made you quite the GUI shell. To restart it, go back to Task Manager and go to File > New task and enter Explorer.exe and press Enter.

I hope that solves this problem and you have enjoyed reading this.

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  • what is an example of an undeleteable file? I’ve never had any problems delteting anything.

  • You could use a simple utility called Unlocker..It’s really simple to use.. Right click on the file and select unlocker,, Now you can do whatever you want with that file.. I had written a post on it a while ago..

  • Simple trick. I think there are few softwares which will do the job for you.

  • Great command line tip! I didn’t realize that it was that simple (although, I haven’t had this issue for a long time…)

  • This issue is not a common one, but it’s always best to know the way out of such weird problems before they come to us.

  • True, I guess that I meant that it used to happen a lot more often (for me), but I guess there must have been an Update to fix the problem…

  • dan

    This command didn’t work for me :sad: …i have a unique issue where i can’t delete a file. I get the following message… “The filename or extension is too long.” Any help??

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  • Lesli

    How do I delete files in adobe reader 7.0

  • Lesli

    I down loaded a document to my computer that went in to my adobe reader. I no longer need it how do I delete it?

  • Lesli

    I haave windows 2003

  • Lesli

    Can you tell how to delete documents in adobe reader 7.0 There is no delete option. Is there a way to delete documents in adobe reader

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  • Liz

    This is really old. I was googling to find a solution and this is the only place where my specific problem was actually spelled out.

    Too bad no one responded to Lesli’s question. I have the same problem with Adobe Reader 8. I have a PDF file on there I want to delete and there is no option to do so. I can’t even find the file listed on the C drive.

    I don’t know enough about command line actions to try the advice offered by Sizzled Core.

    Like Lesli, I guess I’ll never find out.