Finally, back to original rank on Technorati

Last night, I opened my WordPress Dashboard to check out all the comments and link backs. I clicked the more button, and went to the Technorati page to check my authority. And there, to my surprise my authority was only 25 and my rank was 1 :D

I refreshed the page several times to see if there’s a problem  at my side. But the rank remained the same. I even took a picture :)

See…! My happiness didn’t lasted long… I accidentally clicked another blog’s link on the page, and when then page opened, I saw that even that blog was on 1. First, I got confused. But then I remember, that Technorati keeps having stupid problems and errors.  Sometimes their monsters run away and this time, they ranked everyone at number one.

I hope they stop giving us short-lasting surprises ;) .

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  • haha damn! I miss being #1. :( oh well maybe someday

  • Yeah! Never mind, atleast we got the screenshot ;)

  • At least it made us happy even if for a short period of time :)

  • Even i was surprised to see my rank as 1

  • Yes, I heard about this bug at somewhere else also. BTW, technorati never send too much traffic even if your blog is actaully number one.

  • haha…great, I missed my screenshot!

  • LOL, I never miss such opportunities! ;)