List of all the emoticons in MSN Messenger

by on August 2, 2007
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Emoticons are used to show others how you feel while messaging. They are emotional graphics which can be used to express how you feel when words are not enough.

Here’s a list of all the emoticons available in MSN Messenger. You can use them in your nicknames or during chatting with your friends. These are just the default ones that come with MSN/Windows Live Messenger, but if you want more, you’ll have to wait for my next post.

In my next post, I’ll be explaining how you can install more emoticons, and form where you can get them. Trust me, it’s very easy and you can turn each letter of yours into an emoticon itself :D . So, I’m sure you are going to enjoy that upcoming post.

Smile :-) or :)   Open-mouthed :-D or :d
Surprised :-O or :o   Tongue out :-P or :p
Wink ;-) or ;)   Sad :-( or :(
Confused :-S or :s   Disappointed :-| or :|
Crying :'(   Embarrassed :-$ or :$
Hot (H) or (h)   Angry :-@ or :@
Angel (A) or (a)   Devil (6)
Don’t tell anyone :-#   Baring teeth 8o|
Nerd 8-|   Sarcastic ^o)
Secret telling :-*   Sick +o(
I don’t know :^)   Thinking *-)
Party <:o)   Eye-rolling 8-)
Sleepy |-)   Coffee cup (C) or (c)
Thumbs up (Y) or (y)   Thumbs down (N) or (n)
Beer mug (B) or (b)   Martini glass (D) or (d)
Girl (X) or (x)   Boy (Z) or (z)
Left hug ({)   Right hug (})
Vampire bat :-[ or :[   Birthday cake (^)
Red heart (L) or (l)   Broken heart (U) or (u)
Red lips (K) or (k)   Gift with a bow (G) or (g)
Red rose (F) or (f)   Wilted rose (W) or (w)
Camera (P) or (p)   Filmstrip (~)
Cat face (@)   Dog face (&)
Telephone receiver (T) or (t)   Light bulb (I) or (i)
Note (8)   Sleeping half-moon (S)
Star (*)   E-mail (E) or (e)
Clock (O) or (o)   MSN Messenger icon (M) or (m)
Snail (sn)   Black Sheep (bah)
Plate (pl)   Bowl (||)
Pizza (pi)   Soccer ball (so)
Auto (au)   Airplane (ap)
Umbrella (um)   Island with a palm tree (ip)
Computer (co)   Mobile Phone (mp)
Stormy cloud (st)   Lightning (li)
Money (mo)

Source: MSN Emoticons

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  • haha cool list! I have like a million custom emoticons i use to. and i have some emoticons that move to!! haha nice post.

  • Yeah, even I also have a few. I just updated the post above about my upcoming post on how you can install custom emoticons in MSN Messenger.

  • I couldn’t understand some parts of this article of all the emoticons in MSN Messenger, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  • Thanks man, I used them for my forum :)

  • Blu Pir

    Many use this ~ as an emoticon, but can't find a definition ????

  • Sghdj

    I hope to God I can find a way to make these the default ones in the new piece of shit Windows Live Messenger 2011…the new default ones are horrendous.