How to change the location of My Documents folder in XP

by on July 31, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, Windows XP

Low disk space… Clean up wizard… Notifications after every 5 minutes… Now, this is really getting on my nerves! Well, it’s like this that I store all my downloaded files (temporarily, not permanently!), all sorts of images, wallpapers, game saves, backup data etc. in My Documents. And now the folder size is around 9-10GB (excluding all the installed stuff, windows files and hundreds of folders).

I’m just too lazy to clean all that :P I guess, I’ll only learn when my HDD will crash and I’ll loose everything (I hope not!). Finally I’ve found how to move my entire My Documents to some other drive. It’s very very, very easy to do. If you already know that, just don’t make fun of me :/ .

How to change the location of My Documents folder in XP

As I have also said this before, it’s very simple to do!

Right-click on your My Documents folder and select Properties. As soon as the Properties window will open, you will notice a text box in it. That’s the location of your My Documents folder. Just change it to whatever you like.

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