How to use Gmail email on Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live/MSN Messenger

Did you know that you can use your Gmail email on Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live/MSN Messenger? No problem, if you didn’t. I’ll explain it here how you can do it. Trust me, this saves you two password to remember (if you have a different one for everything).

So first of all, you need to have a Gmail (or any other) address. I chose Gmail because it will make easy for the its users to access Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger all with one email. Then the next step requires you to sign up for Windows Live credentials. Most of the work is done here :) . After signing up you can easily login with your email on MSN Messenger. If you want all your contacts to be shifted to the new address, then read this on how you can import/export your contacts the easy way ;) . Continue reading to see how you can use your email with Yahoo Messenger.

Now as for the Yahoo Messenger, you can’t actually sign-in using that email of yours. But your friends can add you in their Yahoo! Messenger’s contact list (and even you can in your MSN Messenger!). This way you won’t even have to leave your MSN Messenger to see who’s online in your Yahoo’s contacts. You can even IM your Yahoo contacts from there. That’s a very nice thing I about MSN Messenger.

I hope you liked the trick and it would be helpful to you. Now, get ready to board the Geek Link Express! :D It’d have already been arrived by the time you read this. So hurry up!

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  • Awsome!! I didn’t know you could do that. I use MSN messenger every day and I have some friends who use Google talk and Yahoo messenger so this makes things easier. :)

  • Justin

    I’ve been doing this forever with my MSN. Wrote a tutorial myself back when it was stil Not a fan of Yahoo though.

  • Neo

    Thanks for the tip.

  • marsela luarasi

    yes its intresant tip and thank you , but i now any other trick direct trick , come on , use it there is the link ========== how to create a account gmail for msn messenger

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  • ruben

    Not working. I set up credentials for windows live with my gmail address and then linked that ID to my existing windows live ID (with hotmail address). I tried to add my gmail adress to my yahoo messenger list but Gtalk didn’t take notice. Same story when some friends tried to add my gmail address to their MSN. Am I missing something here???

  • ruben

    Sorry, apparently this is meant only for when you wish to use MSN with your gmail address. I thought this method would also allow hotmail or yahoo users to add you on their list (or vice versa) if you use GTalk. My bad!

  • Isaac tan kitt voon

    I need help… I am using a yahoo email to sign to windows live messanger…. but when ever i try to add someone… that someone cant see me online/available and i am not on his list…. but i still can talk to him….and he cant see me …i am not even in his contact list…. Why is that so?? Please .i need help…….

  • ofe okro

    thumbs up

  • Fathimainshafa

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  • Jamás explicaste como iniciar sesión con mi Gmail en Yahoo messenger…