How to use proxy in Opera

by on July 25, 2007
in Internet, Softwares

Recently, I told you how to use proxy in Firefox. And now I’m going to tell you how to use proxy in Opera. :D I hope this will be helpful to you and you will like this.

The procedure will almost be the same as Firefox, so I’m sure Firefox users won’t have any difficulty.

First of all, get yourself a nice, fast proxy to use. You can get some from any of the paces mentioned below, or use one of your own source.

That would be enough. ;)
Now open Opera, and go to Tools > Preferences. Now click the Advanced tab from the top and then select Network from the side options. Then click Proxy Servers.

Enter the proxy IP in HTTP box and enter the port in the Port box.

Press OK and then click OK again for the Preferences window. That’s it! Your Opera is now in proxy mode :) .

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  • Excellent tip ;) Thanks for sharing with us