Burj Dubai – The new world’s tallest building

by on July 24, 2007
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You just be living on Mars or must be an alien if you don’t know what place is Dubai :) . Never mind if you really don’t know. I’ll give you a brief introduction about it. Dubai is a very small city in United Arab Emirates. You probably wouldn’t even have ever noticed it while looking at a map. And it’s the place where I have spent 13 years of my life :) .

Now coming back to the topic, Burj Dubai is being constructed in “New Downtown” of Dubai and on Saturday, 21 July 2007, the developers reported it’s height as 512.1 metres with 141 completed floors surpassing the Taipei 101 (509.2 m) as the tallest high-rise building in the world. Amazing isn’t it? :)


Now I’ll tell some facts about this amazing structure and in the end there are some pictures of its still on going construction.

  • In February 2007, the Burj Dubai surpassed the Sears Tower as the building with the most floors in the world.
  • On 20 July 2007, the head of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), Antony Wood, has confirmed that it “has now surpassed the height of Taipei 101 structurally (concrete).”
  • According to the press reports, skilled carpenters at the site earn US$7.60 (£4.34)/day, and laborers earn US$4.00 (£2.84) there.
  • The tower’s water system will supply an average of about 946,000 liters of water per day.
  • The building’s service/fireman’s elevator will have a capacity of 5500kg and will be the world’s tallest service elevator.
  • There will be about 66 double deckers that will move at the speed of 18m/s (40mph), making it the worlds fastest.
  • The building’s curtain wall (glass and metal) is equivalent to 17 football (soccer) fields or 25 American football fields.
  • At the peak cooling times, the tower will require approximately 10,00 tons of cooling per hour which is equivalent to the capacity provided by 10,00 tons of melting ice.


Click the images for a larger view.

Burj Dubai 1 Burj Dubai 2 Burj Dubai 3


Burj Dubai 5 Burj Dubai 6 Burj Dubai 4
Burj Dubai 8

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  • Amazing. That building looks wonderful. Congrats to Dubai. Thanks for the update always good to know! :)

  • Oh My Blog this looks bloody hell amazing :O

    I wonder how longer it will survive lol but I guess its Dubai not Pakistan so we can expect it to last much longer :)

  • Wow, this is really great info. Dubai developing at very fast pace. :D

  • Really impressive building , I only wish we had such buildings in our country

  • Where are you from Cristian?

  • Romania :)

  • Hi Haris, wow! It’s beautiful! I’ve heard so much of Dubai but have yet to visit it, maybe Dubai can be my next vacation spot! :)

  • Alan

    Amazing. Congrats to Dubai and UAE for their technological marvels. I hope to visit and enjoy that city. Alan – Seattle, WA

  • I want to visit Dubai so badly! It looks like Las Vegas but not gross and nasty – like a playground for families ans not just adults!

  • Dubai has recently been declared the 4th most expensive city in the world! :p Crazy, isn’t it? The grew this big in just a decade.



  • Hilda

    Dubai is taking the world step by step, yeah !!!
    Congratulations from Puerto Rico!!!

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  • Its burj Khalifa now :D