Sunday Linking #1

by on July 22, 2007
in Blogging, Internet

Hello readers once again :) . Time for a new set of links. This week I don’t have as many links as before. Actually I had very busy week so didn’t got much time to read other blogs. But still I have managed to come with some interesting posts. I’m soon going to start a Gmail Signature Generator. I’m still trying to integrate it into WordPress. If it works, I’ll start it somewhere within this week :) .

And yeah, I have also changed the title of my links post from Speed Linking to Sunday Linking, because I always post links on Sundays :D .

Shankar explains how you can change your XP’s start menu to look like Vista’s.

Glock tells us how can we make our old/dead CD’s back to work.

Madhur introduced a new site analysis service called RobotReplay. I’m sure if it’s new or old, but it’s definitely new for me :) .

Shashank tells us 22 reasons why we should shift to WordPress.

Rishi explains some rules for good commenting on other blogs.

And in the last, Jake has come up with the best 10 Blogger themes that are better than the original.

I hope you have a nice time reading them. I’d be glad if you add me in your Technorati favourites :) . Have a nice day!

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