Some Intriguing Spells From Harry Potter

Harry Potter! Harry Potter! This is what you hear every where :) . So, did you liked the book. Well, I think it was awesome! :DBelow are some of the spells that I liked in Harry Potter series.

Anapneo: Helps in breathing, when the windpipe is choked by something.

Aparecium: It makes the writing done in invisible ink, visible.

Avada Kedavra: A very powerful spell that kills the enemy instantly without leaving any mark on the busy. It’s an unforgivable spell. The one who casts the spell will be imprisoned in Azkaban.

Crucio: A torturing spell. The person who whom the spell is casted, suffers through severe pain and go mad with it.

Diffindo: It splits and object into two.

Engorgio: It enlarges the target.

Expecto Patronum: It forms a protective shield that is caused by remembering some very pleasant memories of the past. It’s helpful in turning away the dementors.

Impedimenta: Used to stop or slow down a person or a creature.

Serpensortia: It produces a huge snake from the end of the wizard’s wand.

Wingardium Leviosa: It raises an object in the air.

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