Free Domains: URL Redirection (Part One)

by on July 22, 2007
in Internet

Are you still stuck on those or Blogger sub-domains? Well, it’s time to get free from sub-domains. I know sub-domains are bad and doesn’t give a good impression. Now, you can also get a domain for free and you won’t even have to pay a single buck! :) The places given below just allow you to have a domain name and direct your domain to another web address. Just a reminder, that the second part is going to have links to some famous sites that offer free top-level-domains :D .

You can choose any one of from below:


The easiest way to get yourself a free domain. Actually they don’t give TLDs (Top-Level-Domain), they are sub-domains. They offer, web-forwarding services and DNS service. Rememeber my old domain, sizzledcore.UNI.CC :) That was the place where I got the domain from. But now, my new domain is not a free one :D . I’m paying up for that :P . Sign-up now!

Dot TK

Here’s another URL redirection service. The offer very short domain names instead of long sub-domains you get from free blog hosts or from free web-hosts. They give you something like this: Small isn’t it? To sign-up, visit here.


Now these small domains really look like real paid domains. But they are actually not! They are also give free sub-domain service. They have a number of features that they give with their sub-domains. So you must definitely check them out. The only thing they don’t give is DNS service. I wish they also start giving that.

This finishes the first part of my Free Domains post. I’ll soon do the second part, and guess what, the second part will have links to sites that offer free top-level-domains (TLD) :D So I suggest you to subscribe to my RSS feed or by mail to stay updated about the new entries. Don’t miss that one out! ;)

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