Best Replacements for Windows Media Player

by on July 20, 2007
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Now you all know that Windows Media Player is one the worst players available. So here I have some replacements for it. I would recommend all WMP users to switch to something better. And that also when all the other good applications are free to use.

Now, let’s start the list :)

VLC Player

Also known as Video Lan Player is a must-have for every computer-geek just like having Harry Potter’s seventh book for a Harry Potter fan. It plays every thing you can imagine. As far as I remember, I have never had any compatibility problems with this player. You can say “It plays almost anything you throw at him“. I would recommend you to download this and try it out. It supports file formats such as MPEG, MOV, AVI, ASF, WMx, OGG, WAV, 3GP (this is just the start) and more. And one more thing, it’s skinnable just like other good applications. Download the best skins from here. The default is just like giving you a heart-attack, so get the skins now!


KMPlayer is a free movie and audio player that supports a wide range of codecs and file formats, it has full DVD playback functionality. Tons of built in features like video and audio filters, subtitle, zoom, pan & scan, open streaming media, play from TV card, camera etc. It seems to be a combination of VLC Player, BS Player and Windows Media Player.

GOM Player

A very nice player, except that it does not come bundled with all the codecs. They are a few included, but still you’ll need some like FLV4. Even their playlist displaying is not good. Instead of showing the track/artist name, it shows the actual location of the file in the PC. Some of the main features of GOM Player are given below.

  • Built-in codec finder
  • Plays broken AVI files
  • Supports subtitles
  • Supports a number of formats
  • Screen Capture


Now if you are a music-lover and want a nice treat for playing them or managing your files, then get Winamp. This is a player that will fulfil your music playing needs. It has one of the best media library, and the sound quality is at the top! You can even more enhance it with DFX Audio Enhancer.

I wanted to include BS Player, but the recent versions come with adware in it. It was among the best players like KM Player, VLC Player but this adware is made it to go down :( .

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post :)

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