Get email address – Quick, get one!

by on July 19, 2007
in Internet, Tips and Tricks

Microsoft is again giving out email address. All you have to do is, follow the given steps below and you’ll be able to get your favorite usernames. Otherwise, all will be taken.

1. Open Hotmail, and press the Sign Up button.

2. After he sign up page appears, don’t start filling the form. Look at the address bar, and you will see URL of the page something like this: -in&revipc=IN&ts=3968764&sh=7aDN&hm=1&ru=http%3a%2f 2fmail%2foverview&rollrs=04&lic=1

3. Now replace hmnewuser.aspx with newuser.aspx and remove &hm=1 from the address.

4. Press Enter.

The sign-up form that will appear now will have address to sign-up for. :)

I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

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  • Nice tip, I’m using live mail with custom domain.

  • BTW the icons looks good in your blog. :D

  • Thanks Nirmal! :)

  • neo.liu

    it doesn’t work now
    there is another way to get a mail
    thank you!

  • what way is the nwe way?

  • email

  • Microsoft people has informed about this trick. They have removed such meaningful sub strings from their URL.