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by on July 18, 2007
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Before buying the domain and web-hosting I was always out on the Internet looking for good and reliable free web hosts. In this search, I found a number of hosts that offered free web hosting, but all went down after a few days and made some lame excuse. But that doesn’t mean that they are no good free hosts.

If you are hosted on a free host, and are not satisfied, then I would recommend you to use any of the free web-hosts given below.

5. BryanSoft

A very nice post 2 host free web host. If you are wondering what is post 2 host, well that means, that you have to post a specified number of posts on the host’s forums and then after making those posts, you can request your hosting. The least plan will require you to make 20 posts, and that would give you 2GB of space, 30GB of bandwidth, cPanel etc. 90 posts can get you 9GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth. Visit BryanSoft to get your hosting now!

4. 110MB

Currently they are one of the most popular free web hosts. They offer 2GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth all for free. They don’t force you to put their ads like banners, pop-ups etc. It’s totally ad-free. You can make a sub-domain or use your own domain. Visit here to get hosted.

3. ExstreamHost

Another nice, reliable free web-hos, that never has downtimes (not in my case). They offer 1GB of space and 5GB of bandwidth along with the rest of cPanel features. The only down side of this host is that it doesn’t allow you to put your own ads on your site. I didn’t liked that! They also require a link back to their site on every page of yours. If you want this, click here.

2. AHPlace

They started out last month and offer a nice plan for as low as 10 posts (one time). You get 5GB space and 30GB of bandwidth for as low as 10 one-time posts. You can even get 10GB of space and 50GB of bandwidth for 20 posts. They have been into free web hosting before, but went down because of some hacking issue. But this time they have come back with more powerful servers and a unique feature that no otherfree web-host offers. They make weekly backups of all the accounts :) . This time they want to make sure that no data gets lost if anything happens. Want to get hosted by them? Click here.

1. EzHost Live

EzHost Live comes at number 1, because they have been into free hosting since 5 months now. And they have proved themselves to be a well-reputed and professional free web-host. You can get up to 2GB of space and 10GB of bandwidth. And with the usual cPanel and its features. According to them, this is what all accounts include:

All packages include cPanel, Unlimited Addon Domains, Unlimited Sub-Domains, Web-Based Email, Pop3/IMAP Accounts, Server Side Include (SSI), Secure Server (SSL), Backup/Restore, Web Logs & Reports, Unlimited FTP accounts, Frontpage Ext., Perl, CGI, PHP 4.2.1, Unlimited MySQL Databases, PHPMyAdmin, SMTP Server and lots more.

I hope you liked this post and have enjoyed reading it :) .

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