8 Facts about Haris – The Tagging Game

by on July 14, 2007
in Blogging, Humour, Personal

Oh cool! I just got tagged by dEEPAK. Now I’ll tell some facts about myself :) .

1. I’m a die-hard computer geek :D

2. I’m the owner of SizzledCore.com

3. I don’t know any programming language.

4. I only know HTML and I’m currently trying to learn CSS, even though I don’t know PHP. :P

5. I like making friends, and I’m always in search of nice, friendly people.

6. I’m addicted to blogging and was badly addicted Counter-Strike before! :D

7. I like watching movies.

8. My favorite cartoons are Tom and Jerry, Dexter’s Lab and Scooby-Doo.
OK, looks like it’s time to tag 8 more people: Rishi, Jake, Lost, DJ Flush, Saman, Keith, Mariuca, Siddharth… Don’t know anymore :( I’m still new! Will add them as soon as I get to know more people.

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