Best of Sizzled Core – Vol. 1

by on July 10, 2007
in Personal

After every 3 to 4 months, I’ll do a post called Best of Sizzled Core. In this post, I’ll include links to all of favorite posts that I have posted here. As it has been five months since I started this blog, this time there will quite a long list. :)

1. Reduce Spam by 99.9% in WordPress – Title says it all… :) Don’t miss this one out!

2. Hide Your Files In A JPEG – This post explains on how you can hide your files in a JPEG. A very nice way to trick someone. :P

3. Lock that pr0n! – In this post, I have explained how you can lock your folders without using any application. You can use the built-in feature in Windows.

4. Orkut Tricks for Orkut Lovers – This post contains a huge list of Orkut tricks. You can also look for your favorite Orkut tricks on the Orkut Tricks page.

5. WP Theme K2: Common Errors and Fixes – Here I have posted the fix to some popular errors you get while installing the WordPress theme K2.

6. Stats footer.php Fix – Here I have posted a fix to an error of WordPress Stats plugin.

7. An Introduction to Greasemonkey – In this post I have introduced Greasemonekey, a famous add-on for Firefox.

8. Add HTML Signature in Gmail – Adding an HTML signature in Gmail mails is possible! Read this post to know more on how you can do.

9. Multiple Home Pages In Firefox – A simple trick by which you can add multiple home pages in Firefox like Internet Explorer.

10. Orkut Themes – Bored of the usual layout of Orkut? Then read this post and learn how you can change it to a new one.

11. Convert Guest Account into Administrator Account – Now here’s the best post of all. A trick to convert a Guest account in to an Administrator one in Windows XP :D .

That finishes the first post of Best of Sizzled Core. Apart from these, there are still many other posts that you would like to read. Click each category of your interest and see what I have posted there for you. :)

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