An Introduction to Greasemonkey

by on July 5, 2007
in Firefox

Never of heard of Greasemonkey before? No problem, I’ll tell you what it is :) . It is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows Firefox users to install scripts that make quick changes to web pages. Greasemonkey can be used to add new functionality web pages and web sites like adding an HTML signature in Google, bypassing image verification in Orkut etc.

To use Greasemonkey, first of all you need Mozilla Firefox. To download Firefox, click here.

Ok, then the next step is to download and install Greasemonkey in Firefox. Download it from here. That’s it :). Now, by installing Greasemonkey scripts related to your interest, enhance your browsing experience like never before.

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I have added a new category/tag called Greasemonkey. I’ll post all the latest and cool Greasemonkey scripts in there. So, I would recommend you to subscribe to my RSS feeds for the latest updates.

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  • infantd

    how to dowload the script and to install

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  • krishnamuralishenoy

    pls give nice orkut theme

  • prateekjoshi476

    how to dowload the script and to install

  • how to download this theme in my orkut account

  • aditishrma

    how can use this

  • rishabhsharma

    Skull Theme

    Download this theme from here.

  • hoe to apply orkut guiter theme

  • vishnu.a.h

    how can i use this themes

  • sandeep

    how can use other themes in my acount

  • Meghaddkd

    Greasemonkey scripts how to instail?

  • Megha

    Greasemonkey scripts how to instail?

  • Ashutoshkumarsd


  • Mengarakeshmeister

    how to instal the themes

  • Barkavimanohar

    'l anybody explain hw 2 change the theme after installin greasemonkey?

  • D Sabdar Hasmi

    i ave added and installed greasemonkey and till now i cant able to change my orkut theme