Speed Linking – July 1, 2007

by on July 1, 2007
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Aaaahhh… New month, new day, with cool new fresh links :) . Below are the link to some of the posts I found interesting while reading them on different blogs I visited.

Here comes the first and the best one:

iPhone Autopsy – Saman Sadegh, don’t forget to see the gallery.

5 Simple Steps to Protect your Windows XP – Nirmal

How To Use 3rd Party Msstyle Themes in Windows XP – Flush

How to avoid keyloggers by scramble keystokes on public computers ? – Ashish

Keep Your Password Safe using KeePass – Madhur Kapoor

Download 20 Funky Firefox Extensions you dont want to miss – Another one by Ashish

Wikipedia Tools and Tricks – Impressive stuff like always, Jake

That completes the list! I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed reading them.

Happy reading!

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  • Thanks for the link Haris :D

  • Thanks for the mention.

  • You are welcome guys! :)