Top 5 Free Image Hosts

by on June 30, 2007
in Internet

I collected a little data about some good free image hosts yesteraday,and finally I have come up with the top 5 of them. Try them below and tell me if I’m wrong about them.

1. ImageShack

Best free image host one can find. Formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF and SWF are all supported. You can even resize while uploading and the max. image size you can upload is 1.5MB. There are few tools you can use for uploading like image tracker, image uploader, browser toolbar and a lot more.

2. Photobucket

Upload from URL, PC, mobile, e-mail. Create remixes, slideshows, albums, sub-albums, sub-albums of sub-albums… Okay, I guess that’s enough. You can upload as many images you want. Free users get 1GB of space and 25GB of monthly bandwidth. Photobucket even allows you to host videos. This is an ideal host for bloggers with less bandwidth, and for storing personal pictures.

3. AllYoCanUpload

No limits in this one! Upload as much as you want. Supported image formats are GIF and JPEG. You can only upload from your PC, and resizing option available for every image being uploaded. And best of all, no registration required.

4. TinyPic

No registration required, you can only upload from your PC. Unlimited hosting period, storage and no bandwidth or file-size, image formats restrictions. And now even video uploading option is there.

5. imgplace

Image formats that are supported are JPG, .JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and TIFF. No bandwith, storage or hosting period limits. Max. file size that you can upload is 1.5MB and it can be only uploaded from a PC.

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