Speed Linking – June 17, 2007

by on June 17, 2007
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Nowadays everyone seems to be speed linking… :D So I thought, why do I stay behind :) From now one, I’m also going to use this lazy way of blogging. I’ll post all the useful links I collected this week.

So, here goes the first list by Sizzled Core :)

Sony Ericsson Launches new Phones by Nirmal

WordPress: Top Commentators Plugin Option by Shankar Ganesh

Replace Your Windows Calculator with Speed Crunch by Mr. Flush :D

Safari for Windows by Madhur Kapoor

Sony Ericsson new Cyber shot k850i with 5 MP camera by Shashank

YouTube Mobile Site and Youtube Remixer Tool by Mr. Ram

Social Music Sites by Jake

Well, I guess these are enough for this Sunday. I’ll get more cool links and keep them for next week.

Hope you enjoyed reading them :)

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