Reduce Spam by 99.9% in WordPress

by on June 16, 2007
in Blogging, WordPress

Finally, I have found a way by which you can reduce spam by 99.% in your WordPress blogs. I was getting a lot of spam messages daily and this was the reason why I had to enable comment moderation :( . But now, I have finally got rid of this problem by using just two plugins :) .

I was already using Akismet, but now I have also started using Challenge. Akismet was not filtering out all the spam. I was still getting spam as comments. So, I googled some anti-spam plugins for WordPress and found Challenge. You must have seen that 2+2= in the comments :P . That’s Challenge. The combination of both Akismet and Challenge reduces spam up to 99.9%. It’s been more than a week since I installed Challenge, and till now, I haven’t received any spam comment :D . Even Akismet isn’t receiving any spam comments.

I would recommend everyone to use both of these plugins. This way I don’t even have to enable comment moderation, and this really helps me in getting more comments on my posts.

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