WordPress.com Stats footer.php Fix

by on June 14, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, WordPress

You guys must have noticed that a few days back I changed Sizzled Core’s theme from iTheme to Envision. But since that day, my WordPress.com Stats plugin was not working. The stats were not updating and it continued that way for 3 days. Then I mailed at WordPress.com support and from there I came to know about the fix.

The problem in my case was that Envision did not have <?php wp_footer(); ?> in its footer.php

Many themes don’t have this. So it’s better to put <?php wp_footer(); ?> in your theme’s footer.php to avoid any problems later on. If ever you get stuck in such problem all you need to do is just copy the above given code and paste it anywhere in your footer.php. This will fix the problem and the plugin will continue collecting your blog’s data without any loss.

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