Delete a Community Topic in Orkut

Is there a topic against you on Orkut and you want to delete it? Well, I have found a cool javascript code that can delete and topic in a community’s forum. I won’t make this post long with unnecessary stuff. :p

  • Go to the first page of the topic
  • Paste the following code in the address bar and press ENTER.


That’s it! Refresh the page, and the topic will be there no more. :)

I hope you liked this trick. If you have any other trick for Orkut, feel free to share it here and I’ll give you full credit for it. :)

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  • It didn’t worked!

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  • It wont work before javascript is clientside language

    the topic actually gets removed from ur browser

    not from server

  • Thanks for telling that. LOL, this trick is useless now :(

  • Yash

    :smile: Dear it deletes only tat topic which wazz started by u…..not by any other…..Soo dont try 2 b a hacker if u r not?

  • It worked before. Since Orkut has updated their look, almost all the scripts have stopped working.

  • salamim

    yep……i agree w/ haris shit dont work anymore :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :shock: :mad:

  • cablygale

    Hello my friends :)

  • :shock: any other way to do this?????????