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by on May 26, 2007
in Personal

What a boring day it has been for me today! With nothing much to do today, I am feeling sleepy and lazy. I don’t even feel like doing anything :P .

After a long boring day (for me), I have come up with this post about the sites I daily visit while surfing the web.

The list:

To check for any new scraps.

To check if there are any new messages.

Go4B Forums
Just to read new posts. Sadly, they don’t have any feeds to subscribe.

Same here…

I’m a mod here :) , so it’s my duty to be there and check if everything is going normal.

To catch up with the latest news on free and paid hosts and their offers.

Free Hosting Talk
Same goes for this, but FreeWebSpace is a lot better.

To check my mails, ofcourse :D .

A nice community, I go there daily to read new posts.

Google Adsense
To check my daily earnings.

Sizzled Core
To approve any new comments and delete spam :P

Orkut Mania
Same here….
To catch up with the latest news on WWE. Even though I know it’s fake, I still watch it!

Royal Pix
To see if everything is going normal there.

Uploading It
I upload all my stuff on this site. I’ll soon do a brief review on this site.

Live Talk
To see if my Plugoo is working fine :)

To ping my blogs.

To post and read interesting articales.

That’s it… I’ll add more when I remember them :P .

I haven’t included the sites/blogs from my RSS reader and I haven’t even included the pr0n sites (Oops!) I visit daily. :)

I know this post isn’t worthy of comments, but still comments are appreciated :P .

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