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by on May 26, 2007
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If you are a new blogger, or have just started another new blog, you will definitely find this easy, cool technique quite useful to gain popularity. Even I use this technique to get some part of mail daily traffic from and gain to gain some popularity :) .

Apart from publicizing your blog in the usual manner, such as advertising on bulletin boards, on Orkut, MySpace, submitting them on various link directories etc. you use this sweet technique to gain popularity in the blogosphere.


There are only two requirements for this to work :)

  • A blog, get one here if you dont have (secondary blog)
  • A primary blog (like

Now comes the real part:

When you post something in your primary blog, remember to use the more tag just after the few first lines of the post making it more tempting to be read :P . After you publish it, open your secondary blog (the one) and from your dashboard, go to Write. Then come back to your primary blog’s frontpage, copy everything you just posted (I mean the summary – Everything before the more tag) including the “Continue Reading…” or “Read the rest of this entry” link. And then paste it in the text box of the Write Post page (You just opened it! :P ). Title could be anything related to the original title, but it’s better to give the same (original) title. Press Publish and you are done! :) Now rest of the work will be done by WP itself.

As you all know that has a circulator, it will circulate your post in the entire, resulting in getting you some traffic :D .

You can see a live demo of this trick on Haris Nadeem. :D

Hope you like this easy technique to get traffic off! If you know any other tricks to get traffic from, do tell me. I’ll update this post as soon as I find more.

Thanks for reading… Comments are always appreciated!

Enjoy! :D

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