A Gift for Everyone

by on May 24, 2007
in Personal

Last night while deleting some old junk from my PC, I came accross my one-month old signature, which I made to use on bulletin boards,forums etc. But never got a chance to use it because on thatsame day, I created another one (14th) and since that day, I have been using that one.

As one of my signatures is still new (because I never used it), I have decided to make one signature for anyone who wants using that design. I don’t want to use it because I have created a new one this month, using this design, I will make a signature for anyone who wants. I mean I’ll replace my nickname MoNSt3r with yours. :)

How to get one?

To get one, post your nickname in the comments below and I’ll send your signature to you as soon soon I make it. And yeah, don’t forget to fill the email text box below (your email address will not be shown to anyone). After you get your signature, if you accidently lost/delete it, you can always get it back from here. :)

Future Gifts and Offers

  • I’ll be sgaring the PSD file of this signature, so that you can edit the design the way you want.
  • And soon, I’ll be again offering such signature gifts, but next time there will be more than one design to choose from.

I hope you liked this small gift from me. :)

Enjoy! :D

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