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by on May 19, 2007
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Did you know about the hidden profile manager in Firefox? Well, here is a small tutorial by which you can manage and create profiles in Firefox.

For some reason Firefox, doesn’t give any shoprtcut to open the profile manager, but while trying out the parameter of the profile manager of Mozilla Thunderbird on Firefox, I found that profiles an also be created in Firefox.

Method 1:

Create a new shortcut on your desktop (or anywhere in your PC). Right-click it and go to Properties. From there go to the Target: box and in the end of the target (already there), leave and space and then type -ProfileManager.Click OK, and you are done! Now open that shortcut and the Profile Manager window will open.


Method 2:

Now, in this you won’t have to create a shortcut. You can use Run to open the Profile Manager. I didn’t know that we can also start it through Run. I read about this at Lyte Byte.

Just open Run, and type firefox.exe -ProfileManager. Click OK, and your Profile Manager will open.

I hope you liked this trick.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy :D

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