5 ways to use Plugoo

by on May 18, 2007
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IOkay, so you got your Plugoo, but can’t figure out what to do, right? I know a few ways in which Plugoo can be used.

You can read them below.

1. Blog Sidebar

You can put one in your blog’s sidebar. Your blog visitors will be able to chat with you and this way you can also make new friends. And you don’t even have to give out your address. :) I have one in my other blog, Sizzled Core, but then I removed it as I didn’t get any visitors there. :p It wasn’t that useful for me, but might get useful for you.

2. Support Site

Tired of reading and managing the support tickets on your support site? And would like to have them in a different way? Then why don’t you get Plugoo, and instead of that big support system, use this little, neat widget.

3. Live Support

Live support sites are another boring thing… You got to keep those chat windows open all the time, just to show that your site have 24/7 online live support. What if you get to chat with your friends, and help people at the same time from one IM. :) So, you can also use Plugoo on your Live Support site.

4. Chat Box

You can even set up a small chat site of your own. Just get some space on a good free web host, or use some of your own if you have. And start a site where people could come to chat with you. I’m sure no one likes to give out his e-mail address to anyone he doesn’t know. So, it’s better use Plugoo for this purpose. This way you can get to now who the person is and if he is good or not. Then you can later give him/her your address if you want. Simple and neat, right? :D You can see a live demo at this small site of mine, Live Talk.

5. Contact Page

If you want a contact page in your site, but don’t want that usual contact form, then for that reason you can also use Plugoo. It will be a new experience! Plus you could also get messages from people, even when you are offline. They’ll come in your e-mail inbox. And Plugoo will do the work of a contact form :) .

So that’s all for now guys.

Hope you like this post of mine. Do leave your comments and tell if those tips above were of any use to you.

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