Useful Google Talk Shortcuts

by on May 14, 2007
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I don’t use Google Talk much. Because I’m quite happy with MSN Windows Live Messenger. I only use Google Talk when I open my Gmail inbox to check my mails. I hardly find two or three people online there in my list. :(

Well, nevermind that. Moving on to the topic…

I found a small list of Google Talk shortcuts on TechTreak that might be useful to you guys.

1. CTRL + Mousewheel up/down: It will change the font size in a conversation window.

2. CTRL + E: Center text

3. CTRL + R: Right justify text

4. CTRL + L: Left justify text

5. F11: Start a call

6. F12: Stop the call

7. ESC: Close the current window

8. For minimizing the current window press ALT + ESC.

9. Some smileys are converted by Google Talk: , :-O, :-x, :-P, :-D, :-), , B-).

10. To write bold text, type the text like this *TEXT*.

11. To write italic text, type _your gtalk message_

Thanks to TechTreak for sharing these tricks with everyone.

Thanks for reading!

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