Hidden Music File In Windows XP

by on May 1, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

I just found that Windows XP has a hidden audio track :)

If you want to listen the track, go to:


You may have to enable your Windows to show hidden files, and to show your system files.

Enjoy! :D

Update: This is not a hidden track. It is actually the sound of the Windows XP setup that runs in the background. Thanks for everyone who confirmed this in the comments!

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  • crunchynut

    ha! this is the song from the setup for XP.

  • brmwk

    its called title.wma on XP Pro SP2 Corporate

  • Yeah, I just found it in the Windows folder. I didn’t know that it was the music of XP’s setup.

  • teck no geek

    that music if fore the windows xp intor i plays in the backround as usy set up windows fore the fures howeaver this little setup dosent show up on all vershions of xp yet the files are still there

  • teck no geek

    title.wma is not actualy a hidden file it is uesd in the windows setup fore user acountos and internet that coms up the firet time you use xp howeaver this setup will not show up on all copies os xp but the files are still there

    ps this is in the same folder a the windows activiln witch is mostly html based.