How To Create Invisible Folders in Windows XP

by on March 31, 2007
in Tips and Tricks, Windows

Many of you must have ever felt the need to hide some files. This little tutorial will help you in making perfect invisible folders, without using any application. :)

So simply follow the steps below and you’ll have your invisible folder in no time.

First of all, create a new folder anywhere in your hard disk. Then while renaming it from “New Folder” to something else, hold down the “Alt” key and press 0160 (from numpad). This will create an empty space in the text box. Now right-click the folder and select “Properties”, then go to “Customize”, and open “Change Icon”.

From there scroll further and you’ll see three empty images (icons) in the middle of the list. Select one of them, and click “OK”. Again click “OK” in the “Properties” window. You’ll see your folder invisible, with no name or any icon.

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