Ipconfig Commands For Fixing the Internet

A few days back, my Internet connection was giving me a lot of problems. For some reason it wasn’t opening this site, when it was able to open all the rest of the sites of the world :S.

A little Google-ing got me a pretty handful of IP command lines that can be used to fix Internet connection problems from Command Prompt.

To open Command Prompt, click the “Start” button and then go to “All Programs”. Finally go to Accessories in the top, and click “Command Prompt”. This will open Command Prompt where you can use the commands given below.

Display Connection Configuration: ipconfig /all

Display DNS Cache Info Configuration: ipconfig /displaydns

Clear DNS Cache: ipconfig /flushdns

Release All IP Address Connections: ipconfig /release

Renew All IP Address Connections: ipconfig /renew

Re-Register the DNS connections: ipconfig /registerdns

Display DCHP Class Information: ipconfig /showclassid

Change/Modify DHCP Class ID: ipconfig /setclassid

Network Connections: control netconnections

Network Setup Wizard: netsetup.cpl

Test Connectivity: ping www.whatismyip.com

Trace IP address Route: tracert

Displays the TCP/IP protocol sessions: netstat

Display Local Route: route

Display Resolved MAC Addresses: arp

Display Name of Computer Currently on: hostname

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